Advancing climate change solutions at speed and scale

Sequoia Climate Foundation

Our North Star:

Preventing the worst impacts of climate change by accelerating the transition to clean energy.

Our grantmaking decisions are data-driven and informed by the best available science to avoid the devastation of climate change as quickly as possible.

We strive to prevent the worst impacts of climate change by investing in grantees that are working to decarbonize the world and move to clean energy by 2030.

The impacts of climate change, from deadly disasters to health-related harms, disproportionately impact underserved communities and at-risk, global populations, including communities of color.

For the sake of these communities and future generations, we need to act with urgency. We support bold strategies and efforts that will have both near-term impact and the highest probability of long-term success.

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A global team
for a global problem

We are led by a team of policymakers, scientists, advocates, and others from the public and private sector, united in concern about the fate of the current and future generations. We are hiring and invite you to explore and share our job openings, and join our email list.

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